Product Name:DR. Meat™ Kit

Part number Name of Product Scope of Application
8D1077 DR. Meat™ Kit Raw meat、cured meat product、meat and bone meal or feed meal

Kit introduction

Food adulteration issues such as masquerading meat or vegetarian food contain meat is starting to become a hot area right now. These inadequate food products would affect some religion consumers like Islam or Buddhism as well as vegetarian. The DR. MeatTM kit provides a rapid method for identifying 5 different species including porcine, bovine, goat, sheep, poultry and fish within 5 hours.

Due to high specificity and sensitivity, DR. MeatTM Kit is appropriate for high-throughput screening.

Kit characteristic

  • Sensitivity:content > 0.1%,detection limit:content > 0.1
  • Time for sample preparation:40Min
  • Temperature for operation:25℃
  • Time for operation:4 hours
  • Simple equipment and easy protocol for operation

Kit information

porcine bovine goat sheep poultry fish Hybridization negative control

Kit contents

  1. DR. Meat™ Kit(1 chip/pack,12 pack/kit)
  2. Part A
  3. Part B
  4. User guide