Product Name:DR. Orchid-5™ Kit

Part No. Product Name Samples
8D1090 DR. Orchid-5™ Kit Orchid Leaves

Product Characteristics

  • A large number of screening:96 Reactions at the same time.
  • Fast diagnosis:Only 6 hours, DR. Orchid-5™ Kit can immediately detect three kinds of viruses, which are ORSV, CymMV ,CaCV, CMV and PhCSV in orchid cultivation.
  • High Specificity:Detection of three virus specific target genes is less false positive than ELISA.
  • High sensitivity:The screen rate can be up to 99%, which is twice higher than ELISA.
  • High extension:The detection species of virus could increase.
  • Simple procedure:The operating process is easy.
  • Environmental protection:No carcinogenic materials (RT-PCR EtBr)

DR. Orchid-V™ is a biochip-based detection kit and the best diagnostic protocol designed for detecting various orchid viruses happened during orchid culture. This product can detect/screen out ORSV, CymMV , CaCV , CMV and PhCSV (expandable viruses number) simutaneously in single test within 6 hours in diseased plants .

DR. Orchid-V™ kit makes use of 4 kinds of molecular biology technologies – Viral RNA Extraction, Reverse Transcription (RT), Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) and Hybridization. Especially, it uses non-radiation colorimetric method. The operation procedure is simple and the result is accurate. Normal molecular biology examine laboratory /room is capable to handle it.

Kit Information

Detection Limit

Virus Detection Limit
Odontoglossum ringspot virus(ORSV) 100 Copies/ reaction
Cymbidium mosaic virus(CymMV) 100 Copies/ reaction
Capsicum chlorosis virus(CaCV) 100 Copies/ reaction
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) 1000000 Copies/ reaction
Phalaenopsis chlorotic spot virus (PhCSV) 100000 Copies/ reaction