DR. MTBC Screen™ IVD Kit


Traditionally, culture is the gold standard for clinical diagnosis of tuberculosis(TB). Although very sensitive, this requires 4~6 weeks to grow the MTB complex. The MTB complex may also be cultivated in a broth-based medium and detected by fluorescence, but this still takes more than one week and increases the cost. In summary, there is great urgency to develop a rapid and accurate method to screen for the MTB complex, but also decreases the detection cost.

DR. MTBC Screen Kit provides early detection and monitoring, avoiding delays due to culture methods and allowing early and effective treatment.


Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex:M. tuberculosis , M. bovis , M. bovis BCG , M. Africanum , M. microti


Sputum and Mycobacteria colony growth on 7H11 slant agar or in liquid broth.