DR. AiM™ Reader

DR. AiM Reader is the fastest and the most user-friendly microarray scanner available today. This fully-integrated scanner and software system are one of the proprietary products of DR. Chip Biotech's extensive experience in the design and manufacture of precision scientific instruments.


  • Integrated Hardware Platform
      The reader utilizes a designed lighting system and CCD camera detection technology to capture images from microplates.
    • High Resolution and Fast Scanning
    • This reader is available in both 600 and 300 dpi resolution. The scanning process requires only 3 minutes at 600 dpi or 2 minutes at 300 dpi
    • Compact in Size
    • Small instrument size in both dimension and weight conserves bench space in any laboratory.
  • 96-Wells DNA Arrays
  • Specific probes are pre-spotted at the bottom of each well to capture target genes. Standard 96-well microplate is one of the best choice of microarry substrate.


Contents Descriptions
Model MRC002
Net Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 300mm x 380mm x 165mm
Power Input 115/ 230V AC
Scan Mode Color mode: 24 bits/pixel
Grayscale mode: 8 bits/pixel
Scan Speed 1~3mins
Scan Resolution 300 or 600 dpi
Max Scanning Size 120 x 80 (mm)
CE Certification
  1. Safety:EN 61010-2-101
  2. EMC:EN 60601-1-2

DR. AiMSoft

  • An Integrated Software Platform
      Equipped with image and data analysis software, feature information can be easily collected and perfectly linked to statistical analysis and data interpretation in CSV(Comma-Separated Values) format.
    • User Friendly Interface
    • DR. AiMSoft is so simple to use that you can begin routine scanning and analysis within couple of hours.
    • Background Noise Reduction
    • DR. AiMSoft is capable of reducing the background noise to the maximum by data analysis and treatment.
    • Automatic Alignment Adjustment
    • User may choose a desired tolerance range for spot alignment.
    • Standard Template Library
    • DR. AiMSoft provides the template library for standard comparison. Users can also set up the customized template for their own need.
    • User interactive protection
    • When the tray door is opened, the heating and vibration will be stopped.


For research use only; not to be used in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.