DR.Fluidic Station(II)™

Fully automated, programmable washer. Light shield for colorimetric development.

Windows-based DR. Fluidic Soft with user friendly interface with pre-defined sequence, you can complete washing, blocking, detection by pushing one button. Washing of 96 well plates with 8-way manifold.


  • Key Features
    • Up to 4 different wash channels.
    • Vacuum and pressure free system for quiet operation.
    • Easy operation with color coded tube fittings.
    • Bottom and overflow washing.
    • Crosswise aspiration for low residual Volumes.
    • Adjustable parameters for dispensing, aspirating and shaking.
    • Rinse modes include manual, automatic and periodic functions.
  • Safety Feature
    • Aerosol Protection Cover
  • Manifolds
    • 8 -way manifolds
  • Dispensed Volumes
    • 50 – 2000 μl in 50 ul increments (for 8 -way manifolds)
  • Dispensing Precision
    • < 5% at 300u1 across the plate (for 8 -way manifolds)


Contents Descriptions
Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions: (L X W X H ) 420mm x 280mm x 220mm
Manifolds 8 -way manifolds
Power Supply 90V - 130V, 180V- 250V (autosensing)
Frequency range 50/ 60Hz
Data Connections Serial interface 9-pin (male) Null-modem serial cable used for PC connection
Software DR.Fluidic Soft
CE Certification
  1. Safety:EN 61010-2-101
  2. EMC:EN 61623-1
Safety Feature Aerosol Protection Cover


For research use only; not to be used in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.