DR. Chip DIY™ Kit

Fast and Easy Biochip

DR. Chip DIY™ Kit is a ready to use polymer substrate and colorimetric reagents system. The kit provides a complete set of reagents for making microarray from probe immobilized, hybridization, blocking to color signal reaction. The kit is designed to combine fast hybridization technology and let you to design microarray easily. It is an useful tool using biochip for biological research field as Human medical, Veterinarian, Plant pathology, Breeding etc.


  • No expensive material cost
  • No costly spotting machine
  • No professional operator
  • Simple & easy handle procedure
  • Soptting by DR. Fast Spot™
  • HybrudIzation: DR.Mini Oven™ Enhance 200%-300% Hyb. Intensity


  • DR. N3 Chip
  • Strep-AP
  • Probe solution
  • Blocking Reagent
  • Detection Buffer
  • Wash Buffer